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Splash Pressure Cleaning was born back in 2015.  However, the owners have been in the game for over 20 years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to get the job done safely and professionally. 

Splash pressure cleaning is a professional pressure washing company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They service all Melbourne suburbs and even country Victoria. There focus is on three areas. (1) Residential (2) Commercial (3) Truck, Bus & Fleet. 

They are very well trusted and respected by the people of Melbourne as they bring the best service at an affordable price. 


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Customer Care & Quality service

At Splash we are a professional, friendly, transparent, responsive, responsible, caring, attention to detail local Melbourne bases pressure cleaning business. We care about all our customers no matter how big or small the job is. We honestly treat every customer like family. We pride ourselves in great down to earth customer service which is always appreciated and recognised by our clients.

Usually when a customer calls us, they have a problem they want us to fix and get rid of it as quickly as possible and make it clean again ha ha. Every day of the week our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority – Period. We always think “If this was my place how would I want it cleaned”. 100% of the time without fail we over deliver great value to each customer’s expectation.

Every industry has its satisfactory moment. Our biggest satisfactory moment is usually at hand over when we get a “WOW” – That looks amazing” response ha ha.

We’ll Come to you and Wash It Super Clean

We wake up everyday to hear you say

“WOW, That’s Looks Amazing”

Employees, Environment & Community

At Splash pressure cleaning we employ locals and treat them like family as this is a family business. Our team members go through rigorous updated industry training and by following our systems that we have developed over the years we guarantee to deliver 100% quality products and services to all our customer’s.


We are also an environmentally friendly company. All our detergents and cleaning solutions are either eco-friendly or utilised with eco-friendly applications. Customers can be confident that our cleaning process is one that is safe for the landscaping around their home, office, building, for their pets, and for the environment.

Overall, even though we speak your down to earth and friendly language we are a professional local business who employ locals and does its best to look after the local community, homes, commercial properties, trucks and fleets. We are not a national chain (yet 😊), so all profits stay in Melbourne, Victoria and are used to provide our community with well-paying, dependable jobs. Of course, it goes without saying we also support local manufactures and trade outlets by purchasing all our equipment and cleaning products locally.


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